Pink hair, don’t care!

I had so many questions and comments 2 weeks ago when I dyed my hair temporarily pink I decided to post on what I used and what I thought of it.

My hair is pretty boring: it’s thin, it’s poker straight so doesn’t hold a curl for long, it’s always blonde (because it’s true, we have more fun) and it’s soft so doesn’t stay in braids, or even a ponytail well without the help of 375926 cans of hairspray. All that being said, I still quite like it, but sometimes I just fancy something a little different that doesn’t cost too much – but only for a little while as I don’t want to damage it, and would miss my blonde locks.

I’ve had pink hair once before when I dip-dyed it a few days after my 21st birthday using Crazy Colour, but it stained for months and completely put me off trying a temporary dye again… until all the adverts for semi-permanent hair dye started popping up on our television screens. It started with Schwarzkopf Live Colour, then came L’Oreal Colorista, closely followed by Clairol Colour Crave.

Admittedly, I trotted off to Superdrug in search of Colour Crave, but as they didn’t have the shade I wanted I made a flash decision and bought the L’Oreal Colorista Washout instead, even though it was to last 2-3 washes, in comparison to Colour Crave’s 15+ washes.


The box contains one tube of washout colour and 2 pairs of gloves, for a couple of uses if you aren’t going for all-over colour. I started by rubbing the dye into the ends of my hair and working my way up to the roots until my hair was completely covered. There was just about enough in the tube to do my whole head, but if anyone with longer or thicker hair wants to go all pink for a week it would be best to buy a couple of boxes. I left it on for 25 minutes as I wanted the colour to be a little more intense so it would last longer.

Then I hopped online and read reviews.

‘This dye has completely DESTROYED my hair.’

‘My hair is ruined, it’s stained.’

‘I no longer recommend this product.’

‘I had to go to my hairdresser to have this fixed.’


My hair is very bleached at the ends in particular so I figured this stuff was going to cling like glue and I’d have to take the shameful ‘I DIY-ed my hair’ trip to the hairdresser’s (we’ve all done it) and beg for a fix.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case (PHEW!), the dye lasted 3 washes with a good colour, and by wash 7 was nearly completely faded! It’s left a little bit of a peach colour in my hair still, but I actually like it as it’s given my hair a warm tone without being brassy, and I’m pretty confident at this point it’ll wash out.

Some reviews are so over-dramatic.

My inner punk-rocker is satisfied for another while but I’ll definitely be going pink again.

Gillian x

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