Hello September!

So many people get really upset at this time of year. They lament that the summer’s gone, all the ‘good’ weather (all 3 days of it) is gone, there will be no more holidays or barbecues and that they have to put away all their lovely clothes for another year.

Alas, alack!

I don’t get it.

I woke up this morning excited for no other reason than today is the first day of September. Autumn is nearly here, and I couldn’t be happier to see it. From now until 31st December you will find me wallowing in blankets, hot chocolates, candles, fairy lights, knits and all the homemade stews and soups I can make/steal from my Mum. I have always loved September, even when it meant going back to school (yeah… I’m a nerd), and everything getting busy again, as it still does.

Despite the fact that September usually has the best weather for Northern Ireland, there’s something in the air, you can smell it in the crisp breeze – everything around us seems to feel the chill in the air, and knowing Autumn has arrived, begins to close up shop and bunker down for the winter ahead.

I start my own bunkering down – and it’s all a guessing game as to how bunkered down we’ll have  to be in the mobile this year! I woke this morning to dew covered grass, misty mountains… and a chill in the caravan that would have turned you blue.

September Morning.jpg

As pretty as it all is, I think it’s time to invest in a few more electric heaters, or we’re going to turn into icicles.

I’ve since spent my day doing all things Autumn; walking the dogs and enjoying the views in the September sunshine, picking blackberries, eating Great Auntie Violet’s Victoria plums and making apple tart.

Great Auntie Violet's Victoria PlumsBlackberry PickingSeptember ViewsBenny and Bear

What’s not to love? I can’t wait to see the leaves start to turn and to get stuck into making some blackberry jam and Autumn cakes… and of course, lots of cosy knits.

To my fellow Autumn-lovers, have a beautiful, cosy September. To all the Summer-mourners out there: cheer up, grab a blanket and a spiced coffee (yeah, I went there)- it’s a wonderful season!

Gillian x

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