Bye July…

How did it get to August? I can’t help but feel like I planned to do a lot in July and never actually did it! We moved into the mobile, celebrated my birthday, I started this blog and learned to weave, we had Donard Carfest, we both had extra hours in work and it still feels like we have loads to do last month.

It’s also hard to believe that we’ve been living in our mobile for a full month already! We’re learning it’s quirks as we go and so far we’re actually pretty happy, and that’s not something I thought I’d be saying after living in such a confined space for a month.

It turns out it actually has it’s perks. I never thought I’d see the day that I’d be talking about how wonderful a space is to clean, but here we are, 2 hours of grafting and I can sit down with a cup of tea in a lovely clean living room knowing everywhere else is sparkling.

And so, the process of turning into my mother is complete.

The living room also has a really beautiful view. On a good day you can see the mountains…

… this isn’t a good day, you can see literal columns of rain! The sun came out for about 0.2 seconds between the photos. 🙄 It’s still nice to be able to look out on to it though, even when it’s bucketing.

We also love our teeny, tiny kitchen. It has better appliances than our rented home had and more bench space for baking, which I have done more of this month than I have in the first half of the year (I’ll maybe share some recipes at some point?), and it has also fully converted me to a gas hob. I don’t think we’ll ever have an electric hob again after this… the oven however… we’re still working things out. (Front cookies, burnt, back cookies, raw – HOW?!)


I can’t wait to have a cavernous kitchen (…marble floor tiles, range cooker, built-in coffee machine, breakfast island…), but this wee nook is doing a fantastic job for now.

There’s only been one major issue so far: boy is it cold. In summer. And we’ll be here all winter. I’ve gone to bed twice already in thick jammies, wearing my dressing gown, under 2 duvets with the electric blanket on.

Send blankets. And heaters. And chocolate. (If seals can use blubber to keep them warm, so can I.)

I’m also fighting Bear for my favourite spot on the day bed, which he has claimed as his own. IMG_1575

He’s enjoying the garden, views (from the back of the snuggle seat, which he isn’t allowed to climb on 😕) and being so close to his best friend, Ralph the dachshund. He has taken a trip up the road in the direction of his old house but thankfully only did it once before he realised this was now home and hasn’t repeated it, so he can come and go from the mobile as he pleases again.

Our first month in the mobile has been pretty good and we settled in quicker than I thought we would. I’m not exactly looking forward to the winter at the minute, but we’ve a few of my favourite months to get through before we worry about that.

Gillian x

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