Dear Diary…

This week saw the last hoorah of my 2016/2017 diary. As with every July, I began the long and arduous task of selecting a diary. Not a ‘Dear Diary…’ diary, but an organisational academic diary that I can keep in my handbag at all times, preferably day-to-a-page with a pretty cover.

I know lots of people, particularly around my age, think that diaries are a thing of the past and have been replaced by our mobiles, tablets and computers, but despite all the technology and phone alerts nothing beats a good, old-fashioned pen and paper- and I always find myself gravitating back to my diary to keep tabs on appointments, music lessons, even which bills are due when.

As much as I would love a filofax, realistically I can’t justify the mega bucks for what is, essentially, a fancy notebook, so inevitably I end up trawling the internet for something between £10-£25 that I think I will enjoy throughout the year and fits my style at that time.  What makes it such a long and arduous task is the fact that I’m very, VERY, picky about which diary I choose.  Each one feels like an odd new start – fresh pages with no plans (or bills!!), ready for new adventures, lists and ideas, and for some reason picking one always seems like a big decision as I’ll have it with me for the next year. (If you think this is bad, you want to see me try to pick dinner from a restaurant menu.)

Last years model was a pretty A5 Collins Diary with a fabric floral cover, and has everything from my glasses prescription to my counterpart driving licence (I think… I hope) currently jammed between the pages.

Collins Diary.jpg

I’m feeling a little more of a minimalist with design at the moment, so I’m going for something a little plainer…and more easily wiped clean whenever I spill a peppermint tea into my handbag. (You’d be surprised at how often that happens).

I’ve included links, in case I’ve inspired you to carry a diary, and I’ve totally stolen the photos from the websites, so credit to them for those! This year’s candidates are:

The Go Stationary ‘Chloe’ Diary, £8.99


Chloe Diary


This isn’t exactly plain, and not even my normal colour choice, but strangely I like it. it’s pretty, cheap and has lots of space on each page for doodling…and it’s laminated so won’t stain when I’m clumsy.

The WHSmith Nude Academic Diary, £10.99




Plain, simple, motivational, day to a page, note pages and it’s got my favourite classy combo of gold and black going on. Also laminated. It’s probably exactly what I’m looking for if I hadn’t seen…

The Kate Spade ‘Fashionably Late’ Diary, £26

Fashionably Late Diary

Okay, it’s more expensive than the previous two, and it’s also a 17 month diary… but it’s got the story of my life on the front cover whilst still in budget. Not to mention the gold polka dots on the inside, as well as stickers, pockets (I think I’m talking myself into this one) and tabs. I’ll be fighting my cheap-skate conscience over this one for a few days.

It may seemed old-fashioned, but I’ll always have my diary close by for scribbling in… now I just have to pick one! Help! Any other suggestions are also welcome. 😉

How do you keep organised?

Gillian x

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