Donard Carfest

For the past few years, my church (Newcastle Baptist Church) has ran a charity car show called ‘Donard Carfest’, and today was the third show in aid of our local charity the Mourne Mountain Rescue Team. It’s gotten to be pretty big in the short time its been running and we get lots of cars coming from all over Northern Ireland to win the trophy prize awarded to the best of the cars, selected from a modified and classic section.


It’s one of my favourite church events, not only because we get to share our love of cars (and our family really does looooove cars), but also our faith – and even just getting to chat to so many people we’d normally never really stop and have a conversation with in our own community is one of the perks of the day.

My position so far has been around the ‘tea tent’. Besides the fact that I get to nibble buns all day … I lost count after the 4th, but I’m pretty sure I’m in double figures at this point… offering people tea and coffee with a bun is something I really enjoy. (Also, I can’t direct cars, stewarding is not for me. Tray-bakes are.)


I know in this modern world of feminism and equality people get agitated and upset at the thought of the women dealing with the food whilst the men do manly things like checking cars, but I don’t do it because it’s expected of me, I do it out of choice. (And I’m not saying that men can’t do it either.) I enjoy greeting people with a smile, seeing them smile back, and sharing some light hearted banter whilst I explain to them which buns I have tried and approved of. (Quality control is important).

It’s a simple task, but I feel like it can add to somebody’s day, and even break down the perceived barrier between the people in the church and the community around us. We’re no different; we aren’t holier-than-thou, we aren’t self-righteous, and our tea and buns don’t taste any better because we made them, we’re just normal people who love God, and want to show love to the people around us. And if that means I’m a woman in a stereotypical role making tea, so be it!

Gillian x


P.S. We raised just over £1,000 for the Mourne Mountain Rescue Team. Yay!

P.P.S. Yes, that’s an Aston Martin DB6. A girl can’t miss the opportunity for a photo in James Bond’s car.


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