Making the Mobile ‘Home’

I can’t lie, when the plan to move into a mobile in the garden was set in place I huffed and puffed a bit and then I panicked, as unhelpful as that was. The boys had somehow worked out how to get a water supply and electricity to it, how to get the bathroom and kitchen plumbed in, even how to wedge it 7ft high on a pretty steep hill, but being my mother’s daughter, and the little bit house proud that I am, I worried about how it would look.

Obviously, when push comes to shove, aesthetics aren’t important and I’m thankful for a roof over my head regardless, but I wanted it to at least feel like a proper home, even if it is a little bizarre. We left the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom as they were- a good clean and our own things made all the difference- but I had to do something about the main living space, just to make it comfortable… and maybe even a little bit pretty. We were going to be spending too much time in there to leave it as it was.

Sadly, in my panic, it never occurred to me to take ‘before’ photos (I know, you’re very disappointed) but to put it plainly it was the typical caravan (ahem… mobile home) set up: seating screwed into the walls upholstered in a delectable brown toned floral pattern, a more modern black, white and grey striped carpet complete with the odd unexplained stain, a wall unit with cupboards and shelf space, and an attempt by the previous owners at painting the walls magnolia. It was clean which was the main thing, but we decided to rip pretty much the whole lot out, leaving only the wall unit behind.

There’s nothing quite like making extra work for yourself.

As we were both busy every evening, we enlisted (begged for) help in getting the space painted my favourite wall colour, ’Antique White’ (I’m not being sarcastic, I actually love antique white, I’d paint literally a whole house antique white), while we were both at work and took a trip to Martin Philips to get a carpet. It was suggested that we should look for a remnant before spending more money than necessary and we could hardly believe it when we found 4 metres by 3.6 metres of grey speck carpet, already felted underneath for a fraction of what we had told ourselves we would have to spend. A little DIY carpet laying later (not me by me I’ll admit) and the mobile was ready for whatever furniture we could physically squeeze into the space.

We chose the day bed that we had picked up in ikea a few months ago and our snuggle seat over the 3rd-hand leather sofa as our seating. We cleaned and kept the curtains that were already there and bought a couple of new fleece blankets and a fitted sheet from M&S to help keep the day bed clean and make it a little more homely. We kept all our cushions from the old living room and put the TV on the unit above our little gas fire along with all the other bits and bobs we had sitting about in our rented house and…



IMG_1297.JPG IMG_1413

A lot of what we had went into storage, but we were shocked by just how much we had actually managed to cram into the mobile. It’s a little bit mismatched -realistically, the curtains would not be my choice, and the teal blue barely works – but we have a really cosy space with an incredible view from our front window.

And that’s it! It’s not perfect, but it’s our home for the foreseeable. We’re hoping it won’t be too long before we’re making our next move (you don’t become any less aware of the 7ft height that our living room sits above the ground), but for now we’re making the most of it. It’s amazing what a lick of paint and a cheap carpet can do!

Gillian x

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