I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for a long time, and lately it’s really been eating at me… but why ‘The Sparrow’s Nest’? Grab a cup of tea (and a biscuit, go on) because here we go…

For a long time I was pretty mad about the fact that my parents moved out to the country, 22 miles  from the town I was born in, and for an equally long time I vowed I would be a ‘city-slicker’. I was going to move away from home to a fancy university the minute I turned 18, make a fortune of money and live in a fancy house in the centre of Belfast. Just a few confessions of a teenage drama-queen.

Fast forward a few years and I met my husband-to-be, Patrick,  half way through my upper-sixth year. Not surprisingly, having a boyfriend and car suddenly made moving to Belfast and living in the city less appealing, and as time went by my attitude towards the countryside completely changed. I travelled to Queens University Belfast and came back to my home comforts every night. I quickly realised how incredibly blessed I was to be living away from all the hustle and bustle, where you could see the stars because there were no street lights, where you could sit outside without a peeping neighbour nosing through the fence (unless you count the cows), but most importantly where you can look out at the beautiful Mourne Mountains from your own front window. People literally travel thousands of miles for the privilege and here I was taking it for granted.

It didn’t take long before Paddy and I realised this was ‘it’, and the more we talked about our lives together, the more we talked about our hypothetical house in Ballyward. We got married in December 2015 and moved into a little rented house close to my parents but recently had to leave it. With nothing suitable for us to rent close by, we arrived at the point we’re at now: with a dream to build our own home… and living in a caravan in my parent’s garden, which will be referred to as ‘the mobile’ in further communication to save my pride just a little.


That being said, I’m not too upset about our current home. It has a cute little kitchen with enough room to cook and even bake in, and the living space is very cosy after a carpet remnant purchase and a lick of paint. There was even room for the TV so that keeps Paddy happy. We’re still working towards building our own house, or at the very least buying a property and making it our own; 2 busy little sparrows building their own nest. It’ll be difficult, it’ll be thrifty, but it’ll be an adventure, and I’m taking you with us.

Gillian x

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